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HipTip #2: Ensure your logo is modern

Bring your logo to this era.

You may already have a logo, but is it effective? Is it sending the right message?

The general population wants to know that you are hip with current trends in YOUR business. If they think you are stuck in the past, they will think other parts of your business are stuck in the past. Reflect modernization with your logo and brand. It also could be that your logo is actually still pretty neat, but it just needs a little tweak to bring it forward. Here's a good example of an old, outdated logo and a fresh, new look.

I can't even begin to count the number of logos I see EVERY. SINGLE. DAY as I am driving around town that were most likely created more than 25 years ago or were drawn by someone other than a graphic artist or was created during a "design phase".

Many graphic design elements such as fonts, colours, and graphic styles come and go. They may be the current "hip" thing to do, but they definitely don't last. A good designer knows immediately when something is a phase. They know how to make a logo last the test of time.


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