HipTip #3: Number one branding rule: BE CONSISTENT.

Be consistent.

Branding rule #1 is consistency. Wherever you put your logo,

make sure it is the same colour, it is not distorted, and it

has consistent contrast to whatever is behind it. This will help your clients trust you. If they see your logo when they look you up online, and it matches

the logo on the sign on the front of your building, your business

card, and your website, people will subliminally trust that you are who you say you are.

When the opposite is true and you have 5 different logos that you display on different things (website, socials, physical location, vehicle decals, etc...), it has been proven that people will subconsciously lose trust in you. Think about your favourite brand. (Apple, Nike etc....). Have you ever seen them use an alternate version of their logo aside from rebranding?

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