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Teaching kids to start their own business!

Juniorpreneur is a brand new program designed to teach kids how to start their own business! This five week in-person class takes the kids through everything from coming up with an idea for their business and naming it, writing a business plan, creating a vision board, designing a logo and business cards, pricing, designing an ad and a t-shirt, writing an elevator speech, and then presenting their business idea!

There will be two different age groups: 11-14 and 15-18.

At the end of each five week course, each child will have an opportunity to pitch their business idea to a panel of adult judges (Dragon’s Den style) in the “Lion’s Cave” with a prize going to the top idea in each class.

Each child will leave the class with a certificate of completion, a tshirt with their logo on it, some hand-made business cards, a vision board, and most importantly, the knowledge and plan to go forward with their own business!

Our mission

Graphically Hip started this project out of a desire to come up with a community-based project that gets kids engaged and motivated to see what their future might be like. We are so excited to watch the chidren go from concept to having a tangible business that they can go out and make money with and be proud of.

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Course #1 details:

Duration: 5 consecutive weekdays, 2 hours per class

First class: Tuesdays starting January 11th, 2022, 5:30pm-7:30pm

Age group: 11-14 year olds

Location: Community Futures, Penticton

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Course #2 details:

Duration: 5 consecutive weekdays, 2 hours per class

First class: TBD

Age group: 15-18 year olds

Location: TBD

Our Sponsors

We would like to thank the following businesses for hopping on board to help make this program amazing!

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