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Next class details:

Duration: 12.5 total hours, spread over 5 days, 1 day/week

Next class: Monday, May 6th, 3-5pm

Age group: 15-24

Location: Foundry Penticton

Teaching kids to start their own business!

Juniorpreneur is designed to teach kids how to start their own business! This five week in-person class takes the kids through everything from coming up with an idea for their business and naming it, writing a business plan, creating a vision board, designing a logo and business cards, pricing, designing an ad and a t-shirt, writing an elevator speech, and then presenting their business idea!

There are two different age groups: 11-14 and 15-24.

At the end of each five week course, each child will have an opportunity to pitch their business idea to a panel of local adult judges (Dragon’s Den style) in the “Lion’s Cave” with a prize going to the top idea in each class.

Each child will leave the class with a certificate of completion, a tshirt with their logo on it, some hand-made business cards, a vision board, and most importantly, the knowledge and plan to go forward with their own business!

Our mission

Graphically Hip started this project that gets kids engaged and motivated to see what their future might be like. We are so excited to watch the children go from concept to having a tangible business that they can go out and make money with and be proud of. Watching their self-worth and self confidence grow with each class is a true joy in this after-school course.



While we have worked hard to ensure this class is easy to learn for most students, we also understand that in the short time we have together, some may need a little extra help. There is a fantastic company called Tutor Doctor who offers tutoring to all students and anyone who signs up through this link will receive 10% off their first tutoring package! Just click the image!

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