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Logos & Branding

Imagine your logo is your body. Branding is your brain and heart. The two must work together and should never be used without eachother. Branding is at the heart of everything we do. Each and every design should be created with a whole bunch of things in mind such as ideal client (aka target audience), goals, core values, etc... We always start with a complimentary in-depth creative brief which helps determine all of these factors.

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Image 2024-02-13 at 3.00 PM
Transparent Primary
Club Golf Collective Logo Rev4-03
Fire On Ice Logo 2023
Wellness Studio Insta Reel
OK Outlaws Logo-07
FFL New Logo
Grand Slam_020922-01
Sun City Exteriors Logo White-01
Heena Nagar Logos-02
GnN Logo-01
Song Bird Ranch Logo White-01
SBR Brand-01
Logo Transparent Colour
Lori Lalonde Logo White-01
Hwy 97 Electric Logo
Talon Logos Gold Vertical TRANSPARENT wi
SOSVC Rebrand logo transparent-01
Lakeside Villa Logo white text FINAL-01.
Grape Vine Homes Logo Full Colour Transp
Okanagan Collectibles logo Rev2-03
Robins Plumbing Logo Full Colour Transpa
PFBC Full Colour
Bradleys Plumbing Logo-01
Black Rose Logo Design FINAL-01
Urquhart Industrial
Socks From Santa Logo
The Thrifty Chicks Logo
Superfoodies Logo
Puke and Rally
Phoenix Accounting Logo
Mr Reno Logo
Okanagan Painting Contractors Logo
Luxuria Logo
Lockworks Logo
Lash Lounge Logo
Kootenay Views Logo
Kinross Logo
Community Spoons Logo
iBalance Books
Hair By Ashley
Bs Crafty Kitchen Logo
GD Knives
Al Dente Fresh Pasta Logo
Hair By Ashley Business Cards with SPOT
Graphically Hip FINAL logo WORDMARK-07.p
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