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Brand designers and graphic designers are adaptable, chameleon-like beings. We are constantly learning new trends and applying them to all types of businesses. From a plumbing company to a restaurant to a pharmacy and everything in between. We learn about your business first and foremost and what presence and differences you have in your given market. We do a ton of research on your competitors and we strive to make you stand out. We ask questions and we learn from you and essentially become a part of your business. Once all of that is done, then and only then, we design.

Since 2011, I’ve been providing a wide range of design services to clients in the Penticton area and beyond. I strive to ensure my business partners are satisfied with the work I do. I was recently accepted as a certified graphic designer via Graphic Designers of Canada. Get in touch and discover what I can do for you.

My name is Sarah Tucker, CGD™.

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