Brand designers and graphic designers are adaptable, chameleon-like beings. We are constantly learning new trends and applying them to all types of businesses. From a plumbing company to a restaurant to a pharmacy and everything in between. We learn about your business first and foremost and what presence and differences you have in your given market. We do a ton of research on your competitors and we strive to make you stand out. We ask questions and we learn from you and essentially become a part of your business. Once all of that is done, then and only then, we design.

Since 2011, I’ve been providing a wide range of design services to clients in the Penticton area and beyond. I strive to ensure my business partners are satisfied with the work I do. I am a Certified Graphic Designer via Graphic Designers of Canada. 

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My name is Sarah Tucker, CGD™.


From the initial "Welcome" to "Your product is ready!", I am here to assist you along the way. My name is Shay Duggan and I am the Administrative Coordinator for Graphically Hip. With over 10 years in the clerical and administrative world, I bring the quality and efficiency I've learnt along the way to each and every facet of my position at Graphically Hip. From the ground up, we work diligently to ensure we work with you, as our priority, from the initial quote to the delivery. Your time is valuable, and with this in mind, we strive for a seamless, time-efficient process. So, don't hesitate, get in touch and let's chat!

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