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Operation Duck Drop is a grassroots initiative dedicated to supporting local non-profits that need the resources and support to fulfil their impactful missions. We prioritize organizations with modest budgets and who are reliant on volunteers, aiming to empower smaller groups to achieve remarkable results. Prospective recipients undergo a thorough vetting process, outlining their mission, objectives, and aspirations for fund utilization. The selected beneficiary also contributes to our event by volunteering alongside our Board of Directors during the Duck Drop. Our objective is to amplify annual fundraising efforts and extend assistance to numerous community entities. This year, our Board has designated Dragonfly Pond Family Society to potentially receive up to $10,000. Any surplus funds will be allocated to the Burn Fund. We are SO SO SO excited to be working with the BC Professional Firefighter's Burn Fund and levelling up our little race to a provincial level!

Our duck race prizes this year will be 

1st place: $10,000

2nd place: $5,000

3rd place: $2500

Last place: $1000

Questions or comments? Email Sarah at

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We are happy to announce that Dragonfly Pond Family Society is our selected charity of choice this year!

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