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To be the best, you gotta beat the best.

And last night we did just that. A huge congrats to Dog Leg Marketing and Total Restoration on their semi finalist placings. I was humbled to be a semi finalist with these two businesses and can’t think of more deserving opponents. My first thanks goes out to my husband Randy who is a never-ending show of support. There’s nothing too big or too small I can ask for and he is always on and by my side no matter what. Next thanks is to my dad, for nominating me for this award. Dad is what I call “Sarah’s # 1 fan”. From his physical labour to his credit card, I swear he just can't say no. To my kids, sisters, mom, and the rest of my family, thanks for always being there for me, lending an ear, and being supportive. This last year has been one of the hardest of my life. I’ve grown in my personal and professional life and I owe a big chunk of that thanks to Diana Stirling who not only is helping me grow my business, but is the true meaning of the word friend. She is always there to help me re-frame my point of view and is what I consider my “level up” friend. The friend who you have that is on another level, wayyyy above you. We need those kinds of friends to keep us learning new things and becoming better versions of ourselves. To Kris Sigmeth, my business coach from almost day one, you rock. Kris knows and understands my struggles and has turned into one of my very best friends who always has a positive outlook and a good idea. #badd To my clients, oh boy. Almost 700 of you have chosen team GH in the last 4 years and how could I ever thank you enough. You’re the reason I do this. Thank you for your loyalty. To my core group, what are y’all still doing hanging out with me? Lol Hollie, Clayton, Diana, Kris, Ashley, Terri, Nicole, Tasha, Lauren, Shane, Jenny, Lucy, Derek, Tim, Janine, and Katie, (and the rest of you, you know who you are) thanks so much for putting up with me and for picking up my 60 when I’m only 37. #iykyk My staff, Beverly and Ava and my bookkeeper Laura, where would I ever be without you. The three of you are pivotal in keeping GH afloat. Thanks for all your laughs, hard work, and loyalty.

I suppose along the way I’ve got to thank myself. Business owners have some of the hardest jobs out there. Every day is a struggle and we don’t get to shut it off at 5pm. It’s with us all day, every day. It consumes us. Becomes the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the people we’re surrounded by. I often forget to stop and take inventory of everything I have accomplished so I’ll stop and pat myself on the back here. And lastly, to the Chamber, all the judges, sponsors, nominees, and to Mike, Deb, and Terri, every year you outdo yourselves and this is no different. You spend countless hours (paid and unpaid) putting on Penticton’s most prestigious event and don’t think it goes unnoticed. This award means more to me than probably most. Not only is it a true show of my own hard work, but it’s also a huge notch on the impostor syndrome belt. I’ve been very vocal about how torturing this syndrome continues to be every single day and winning this helps shut it down just a little more.

This night and award is now a core memory. Thank you thank you thank you!

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